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The Madrassah

The aim of our madrassah is to serve the local Muslim community and provide our children with knowledge of our religion based solely on the Quran and the Sunnah.

Our aim is to educate and prepare the younger generation of this Ummah through knowledge, wisdom, good morals and manners.

We also aim to ensure that every student develops his Islamic character and becomes a positive role model in society. In order to aspire to this we foster a spirit of personnel development through the teachings of our Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

The Syllabus

Main objectives:
  • Memorisation of the Quran
  • Memorisation of Du’as from Fortress of a Muslim
  • Beginners Tajweed will also be taught
  • Good manners and morals (Aqhlaaq)
  • Stories from the Seerah of the Prophet

Students will all be issued with a home work diary which will chart the progress of the child and which we expect parents to help us and also make sure home work is completed at home and parents mention how many minutes they have worked at home and also sign the diary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Madrassatu Al Salaam – Entrance Requirements

The madrassah will be open to children from the age of 5 and no previous Islamic studies is assume

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Saturday 10.00am to 13pm

Sunday   10.00am to 12pm


  • Registration fee per Student: £40
  • Monthly fee per child: £40
  • £5 discound for each student if 3 or more siblings enrolled.
  • Fees are payable 1st of each month. Payments should also be made during the holidays. All payments must be done online through parents portal as we do not accept cash.
  • Islamic text book £10.00
  • Arabic book £10,00
  • Juz Amma £2,00
  • Qaida £2.00
  • Dua book £2.00
  • Madrassa Planner is free however if damage or lost student must pay £2.00

Male and female teachers present for both groups of days. The maximum class sizes will be set at 15 children.

A teaching assistant will also be at hand.

Time Table



Age Range Hifz Dua
5-6 Al-Fatiha, 4 Kuls Kalimahs, sleeping dua, eating, entering house – before & after
7-9 Last 5 surah’s Kalimahs, sleeping dua, eating, entering house – before & after, entering the masjid
10-17 Next 10 surah’s Completion of dua’ book

In Madarasa – Student Code of Conduct

Dress Code – Girls

  • All girls will be required to wear black long Abaya and white long Hijab (uniform selected by the Madrassa) which will cover their hair and shoulders as stated in Islamic principal.
  • Make up, chains, Bungles, rings, nail polish, visiblehenna, etc and any visible ornaments are strictly not permitted in the Madrassa
  • Wearing high heel shoes is not allowed in the Madrassa. It is highly recommended to wear decent shoes and which will protect you from cold conditions.

Dress Code – Boys

  • All boys will be required to wear clean white qamees (Islamic garment) and a white hat.
  • Printed Jackets, Baseballs caps and woody hat are not to be worn inside the Madrasah.
  • Flip Flops are strictly not allowed at madrassa.

NOTE: Students not in uniform will immediately be sent home.


In the interest of cleanliness, general inspection will be carried out in the madrassa every week and this will include checking finger and toe nails if have been cut, hair (for boys only) if have been washed or/and trimmed and socks if clean. (Smelly socks are not allowed in the class)

Attendance and Lateness

Parents are advised to drop off their children at least 15 minutes before Madrassa starts. All students are responsible for having and maintaining their own classroom material.

The Assembly is 09.45. Lateness at the time of arrival and leaving the Madrassa should be avoided by all parents.

Students are not allowed to leave the Madrassa without a parent or guardian notifying the teacher in the first instance.

Please be advised that absence or lateness may affect your child progress:

Note That: Your child will be put on detention for 1 hour if coming late without a reason given by parent and will be subsequently sent home when repeat for the second time.

Taking Holiday during Madrassa term

If Student wish to travel during Madrasa term, parents must notify the madrassa in advance. Note that students still have to pay the monthly fees. If student is absent for more than a month, they will lose the place and should not return to madrassa unless re-entry fee is paid.

Abuse of Madrasa Property

All students must refrain from making any type of damage or abuse to the Madrassa property. If a student is found to have caused damage to the Madrassa property in any manner, the parents will be liable to remedy the damage in a manner decided by the Madrassa or authorities.  Furthermore, your child may be subject to suspension or exclusion from the Madrasa as determined by the Madrassa’s Management.

Mobile Use

We do not deny mobile phones is part of today’s daily life and we will not prohibit any student from carrying mobiles phones at Madrassa. However, it is mandatory that students will turn the mobiles phones off in the Madrassa at all time.

Please not that: If student found using mobile phone during Madrassa time, they will be banned to bring it to class and will have to be collected by the parent.

Home work

Each child is given a madrassa planner to record their weekly progress and home work. The planners also contain a salah time table and other benefits to help your child. Parents are required to read and sign the planner each week and inform us that their child has done their home work.

Disciplinary Policy

Aims & Expectations

It is the aim of Al Salaam that every member of the madrassa community feels valued and respected, both parents and children, and that each person is treated fairly and well. We are a caring community, whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. Al Salaam behaviour policy is designed to support the way in which all members of the madrassa work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure.

The madrassa expects every member of the madrassa community to behave in a considerate way towards each other. Fighting, arguing, swearing, bullying, aggressive behaviour, abusive language, impudent behaviour, backbiting, causing dissention or teasing and picking on will not be tolerated towards teachers, staff nor students. We also expect students to treat the premises and equipment with due care and concern which includes placing rubbish in its appropriate place and shoes to be placed on the racks provided.

Parents are requested to show an active interest in the Islamic and spiritual development of their children. We emphasize that the education and spiritual development of the child is a joint effort between the madrassa and the parents.

Any parent/guardian may arrange a meeting with the teacher or a member of the Madrassa management by appointment by contacting us by phone or through email.

We encourage parents to regularly review their child’s progress and discuss with us any issues in an open manner.

Additional Information

If you have any queries, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or visiting us at our premises.

Phone: 07307442225/07944870057

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